• Angels of Islington - Sam Davey

“We don’t expect to eradicate evil; but we must ensure that the balance remains in our favour. That there continues to be more good than evil, more kindness than hatred, more joy than suffering.”

“And if we don’t?” I asked.

“Then the power shifts... and we become the opposition.”

There are three realms, terrestrial, celestial - and infernal; all engaged in a perpetual struggle between good and evil. For over five hundred years, the bastion of England's protection has been a small and little known agency, based in the Canonbury tower, Islington.

Zach, a justice angel and one of the agency’s most skilled operatives, has just returned from a harrowing mission working with the dead and dying in strife-torn Syria.  The last thing he needs is to be sent back into the field.

But two humans on a celestial witness protection programme have just been abducted and Zach, saddled against his better judgement with rookie agent and time shifter Sara, is sent into the Inferno to rescue them.

Aided by spectres and beset by demons, Zach and Sara’s 48 hour mission is a rollercoaster ride… at times terrifying, at times deeply touching and always laced with a dark and coruscating wit.

Hastings local writer

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Angels of Islington - Sam Davey

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